Here is a small selection from our original photo library - most images are shot on film. Click the buttons to view specific projects.

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Some of our favourite burlesque performers, photographed at Anglian art.

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Paris vibe

Some years back, we ventured out to Paris, for some 1980's inspired shots.

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A collection of shots from various performers and musicians.

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Fabulous vintage synthesizers & equipment from yesteryear.

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Bass and leather

Some of our projects centre around the music and arts.

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A collection of some of our in-house mannequins.

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Featuring night scenes and other  interesting places.

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Pete Molinari

Singer/songwriter - and need we say more?

All of the images represented here are original, and are part of specific projects. Some projects involve travelling (such as some of the shots taken in Paris) and some rely on UK locations, and some are based in the studio. If you have an idea that you require images for, then we may be able to help.

Photo light table at Anglian Art

Film & accessories

Though we are not a retail outlet, we do have the means to supply film and some basic darkroom accessories. From time to time we also have stock of reconditioned (and tested) film cameras. Please note, we are not camera dealers, and most items for sale have been purchased by us specifically for former projects. Our shop page will be updated in Summer 2023 with products available

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